MMF IVEP fundraiser

Menno House is home to a volunteer in the International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP).

Hosts are a very important part of the IVEP experience – they’re the way participants get involved in their new communities. We have to make sure IVEP participants feel welcome and get to try lots of new experiences.

Manhattan Mennonite Fellowship raised money so that Daniel Florez Pacheco can buy winter clothing or other things that he needs to make his stay in the City less stressful.

The amounts collected are listed below. We raised $305.00 as of November 19.

Donations to date:

$75.00 10/21/2022

$ 40 11/19/2022

$15 10/23/2022

$50 11/12/2022

$50 11/12/2022

$75.00 11/13/2022