January 18, 1992

18 January 

I’m living in Calibishie now. It is much more relaxing than living in Portsmouth. Today I woke up at 6:30, which is one hour later than I usually wake up for school.

After praying and exercising I showered in cold water. I stayed in the shower only long enough to wash my face, hair, and neck. 

I wanted to go to market in Portsmouth so I waited on the porch from 7:30 until 8:00 o’clock AM; no buses came by. After that I had one of Ma Tazzi’s hot breads. I ate all of it except a little of the last pieces without anything. I put some jam and cream cheese on the remaining bread.

I tried changing my room around this morning to prevent the bat dung from falling on my bed. There wasn’t enough room for me to change the bed around by myself. I put some paper to cover the space where the dung falls through.

I played UNO with Glen and Shane this morning. I won. It was difficult to play with them because they could see my cards reflecting on my glasses.

Ma Tazzi gave me a cake this morning. She, of course, refused money. I’m finding it easier to talk with her now.


November 1991

A picture that David Matheny sent me of one of the beautiful beaches of Antigua: Three Fishing Boats Close To Shore Tied To The Bottom with Rope. 23/150

December 29, 1991

December 1991
Champaign bubbles “caused by air rising from volcanic fissures on the sea bed” as described in Lennox Honeychurch’s Dominica: Isle of Adventure
Dec 1991

January 12, 1992

12 Jan 1992

Before I dismember my calendar I’m going to record the notes in this journal in case there are some things on the calendar that do not appear in the journal.

12 October 1990 Bible study in Roseau

17 October Wanda visited 

29/10 Independence Day activities begin 

2 November Staff party at PSS 

8/11 Brad & I celebrate birthdays at Purple Turtle 

14 December Staff party at PSS 

7 January 1991 Second term started 

16/1 Wrote to Newsweek about Bush & war

2 February Went to Darkwood Beach, Antigua 

27 Feb Maryann told me I shouldn’t have done it 

2 March Tried to help Fabian with his computer 

30 Mar Made pierogis for Easter dinner

2 April Traveled to Montserrat 

19 Apr Watched “My Blue Heaven” & “Presumed Innocent” 

6 December Went to Barbuda

Eastern Caribbean Nevis

December 23, 1991

Everett Duckworth at Anglican Church Nevis, Dec 1991
Maybe St. George’s
Converted Sugar Mill, Morning Star Plantation
Nevis, December 1991
Eastern Caribbean St. Kitts

December 19, 1991

Romney Manor
Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis Viewed from Monkey Hill Dec 91
Despite its French name, Basseterre, the capital of St. Kitts is unmistakably British.
Independence Square
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Dec 1991
Eastern Caribbean Nevis

December 22, 1991

Fort Ashby
NEVIS Dec 91
Nelson’s Spring
Nevis Dec 1991
Eastern Caribbean St. Kitts

December 18, 1991

Black Rocks-Millions of years old- Belle Vue
St. Kitts- Dec 91
Black Rocks – formed by Molten Lava- Belle Vue, St. Kitts Dec 91
Particularly dramatic formations of huge lava boulders, called black rocks, are on St. Kitts’ northeast Atlantic shore.” From The Outdoor Traveler’s Guide to the Caribbean by Kay Showker

Eastern Caribbean Nevis

December 21, 1991

My Shadow in a Coconut Tree on Pinney’s Beach
Nevis December 1991
Conch Shells on Pinney’s Beach
Nevis, December 1991
Eastern Caribbean St. Kitts

December 17, 1991

Artillery Officers’ Quarters on Brimstone Hill
St. Kitts, December 1991
Fort George, Infrantry Officers Quarters
Brimstone Hill, St. Kitts, Dec 91