July 14, 1991

Mariness, Jim, Cristophe at the top of Gros Piton St. Lucia, July 1991

September 13, 1991

13 September

It’s Friday the 13th but only Francis noticed. None of the Dominicans said anything about it. I don’t think it’s part of their culture. I remember vaguely a Caribbean national remarking about the U.S. superstition of the number thirteen. It was said in a way that made me think it was nothing to them.

It’s really nothing to me (except I enjoy those comical Jason movies). I hope it stays that way today.

In eight minutes or so I plan on going to the post office. Just like at this time last year I hope to get a package containing the new Prince album, “Diamonds and Pearls.” I asked my sister Ann Marie to send it to me. The next time I write to her I’ll have to send a check so she doesn’t forget. She never got me “Raspberry Beret” by the Hoodoo Gurus [correction, I should have written Hindu Love Gods]. I haven’t heard from her since June. I wonder how she’s doing without her son.


June 2, 1991

Martin Peter
Portsmouth Milo 10K

August 1991

Amy, Tracy, Chris, Doris, Ingrid, Pat, Elise, Clarence, Michelle, Evelyn, Lisa, Molly, Elaine, Jay, Penny, Mary, Peter I am assuming that this is the swearing-in ceremony for the EC57 volunteers on Dominica

July 1, 1991

More boring video from my first night using the camcorder in Dominica; this time about draining a rechargeable battery!!


July 1, 1991

When I went home to the United States, I purchase an 8mm camcorder to record experiences in the Caribbean. Most of the videos are bad or boring, but it’s nice to those faces from 30 years ago and sometimes the video quality is pretty good considering I only got them digitized in 2020 and one of them in 2015.

Dominica St. Lucia

July 6, 1991

6 July

Saturday I took Leif to the market, but we couldn’t find any fish.

Sunday was pledge day at church. I got a vote of confidence from Rev. Riley that I would do all I could to help the church.

I went to Roseau Monday on the Itassi bus. I stayed at Don’s that night. I woke up again with very little sleep. After I showered I headed to the Peace Corps office. Molly’s picked up Don, Anita, and me and transported us to Melville Hall.

I woke with a little sleep accomplished again. This time I was in the New Vigie Beach hotel for the training of trainers. We met the other trainers and staff.

Wednesday we had another meal on Peace Corps. The checks had not arrived and we did not get money, only a little, until Friday. The nationals sang “Happy Birthday” and the “Star-Spangled Banner” on Thursday July 4.

I was very tired on Friday. I took a nap so I could get to Gros Islet. I met Jack Williamson and Denise Brown there.

We met for half of the day on Saturday. I got to see the schedule of the model school and the list of trainees.

I went with Bertha to Jimmy’s for a goodbye lunch for Em. I left with Jack to go to the beach for a farewell party for Denise and Kate.

Antigua Dominica United States

June 28, 1991

28 June 1991

Sunday (9) I went to both services at church. In between the two services I went to the beach and got a little burn.

I left Monday morning for Antigua and arrived in Pittsburgh on time at 10 pm. I found out in North Carolina that rental cars are more expensive than I thought.

Tuesday I got my haircut correctly. I also attended David’s graduation.

Wednesday I went out to dinner with Pete, Brenda, Ken, and Ann Marie. I ate shark.

Thursday I went to Niagra Falls with Pete and his family. It was pretty good but too typically family like. 

On Friday (14) I came back from the condo and saw Daddy, Trudy, and Ann. I stayed at the hotel with Trudy that night.

Saturday was the party. I think that was also the day I want to see the dentist.

On Father’s Day Trudy, David, Randy and Dad went to see the Cleveland Indians play baseball. I did some more shopping. Brenda didn’t want Pete to go to the game because she said the family should be together.

On Monday I went back with Dad. It worked out better that way because Ann Marie was picking up Diane from Pete’s on Friday and Jayne was coming back from Scranton. I went over to Joe’s that night.

Tuesday I went to the mall with Joe. We also saw Judy, Barb, and Matthew. Then we headed off to find Adam.

Adam did not take Wednesday off. So Joe and I went to Knobel’s. Jackie agreed to go to Jitterbugs but we ended up at Flaherty’s again.

Thursday I invited everyone over to my place. We ended up going to a bazaar, the Maltby one. I was up late again.

On Friday (21) Jane picked me up at my house at 6:30. We went for breakfast and then went to Pete’s house. I drove back with Ann Marie to Erie.

Saturday we went to see “City Slickers.” It was pretty disappointing. Afterwards we stopped at Dairy Queen.

Sunday was a day to finish recording music to take back with me. I didn’t finish it all. On the way back from the mall Ann Marie and I picked up some videos. She made pork chops just for me that night.

Monday I picked up my rental car. It was much cheaper to rent a car to Pittsburgh. I completed my packing for my trip back. I went to the grocery store but didn’t have enough money for everything I wanted.

I left very early Tuesday (25) with tears in my eyes. I made it to Pittsburgh with time to spare. I was in North Carolina for seven hours. If I had money I could have seen Raleigh. 

I left early from Antigua Tuesday after arriving late the night before. I came back with a roommate. I met Leif Skille in San Juan. I tested him out before agreeing to share the apartment with him.

On Thursday I finished signing report cards. Mr. James graded all my exams and determined my year-end averages. I was a little upset at his comment on my students’ performances. He nastily asked why all the 3rd and 4th form grades were so low.

Friday today was the last day of school. I was bored most of the time. All the lack of sleep caught up with me. It feels good to have this year behind me. I hope you have a much better year come September.


June 1, 1991

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Art Wilton takes a nap
My apartment on Bay Street, Portsmouth, Dominica

May 31, 1991

Art (fellow Peace Corps volunteer) points at Tony (Welsh roommate)
Bay Street