June 25, 1992

25 June

I woke up to the sound of Ingrid getting ready to leave on Tuesday morning [June 23]. She was going to the States to be in the wedding of her friend. She always says she hates goodbyes whenever anyone is leaving. I stood next to her with my arms to my side but ready to hug. She picked up her basket, gave me a push with the elbow, and went outside to Paul Lawrence’s van (pick-up truck). She went into the front seat and Rawlins sat in the back.

I went to school to finish correcting form 3 – 2’s Mathematics exams. I also signed some reports. Comments are handwritten by teachers on the report cards. I only needed to sign Fabian’s reports. I did that the next morning.

Perry Thomas came by Tuesday night to convince me about his view of Christianity, the fundamentalist Seventh Day Adventist beliefs. We listened to Taylor Dayne and the Innocence Mission as he talked

Wednesday I got a ride to the Bense/Anse-de-Mai bus stop. Then I got a ride to Portsmouth. I gave my first driver one dollar. I didn’t give anything to the second driver because the first guy to get off didn’t pay anything and she didn’t ask for any money.

I wrote my comments on Fabian’s reports and was finished with all my administrative work. I helped Dunstan Ducrey by filling in some of his reports and helped find averages for Frances. The promotion meeting was scheduled for that day; Because most teachers were not finished, the meeting was postponed to the next day after the last assembly.

I got on the same transport that I was on the day before. I owed the female driver a dollar, so I paid her the $4 fair [sic] plus the dollar. We stopped at the Hampstead Estate; She had her young helper get some coconut shells that she or someone she knew it was going to burn. 

After I ate I took a nap because I had a headache. Then I went to teach my Adult Education class.

When I arrived at the Calibishie government school, Hazel was there. I want to get the keys at Clem’s parent’s house. It almost seemed that they were missing but, Mrs. George found them.

Hazel and I were the only ones there. I helped her with profit and foreign exchange. She had a difficult time rounding numbers.

I gave Clem my report, the money, the registration forms, and some Math papers. He gave me some ripe bananas.

Today I had to wait almost one hour for transport. I didn’t wait or want to wait at my house; As soon as I was ready I started walking. I met Rabat just past ET’s house. I started talking to him and waited with him until a red Mazda van picked us up.

I thought I was late for the final assembly but I arrived just in time. Mr. James spoke. Then the students went home. The promotion meeting ended after 1 pm.