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The number one Soul LP for the week ending 6/15/74 according to Billboard magazine (page 35)

Five most added singles June 2 1984, Billboard magazine

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the album cover for the Purple Rain soundtrack
Released June 18, 1984

The Purple Rain album was released 40 years ago. Now it might come to Broadway. Click on the image above to go to and learn about the making of Purple Rain, watch the videos for When Doves Cry, Let’s Go Crazy, and a live performance of Purple Rain (the night the We Are the World recording happened), and what award Prince received for the songs on this album.

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Voting Rights and Voting Discouragement

Listen to Jerry Mitchell talk about Billy Porter at the 1:09:54 mark in this podcast.

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Supreme Court’s Blow to Right to Protest Is Another Attack on Black Political Power

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Neo Soul is a name for Alternative R&B:

WHAT IS alternative R&B? Rap-free jazz and R&B. This music combines traditional R&B elements and
contemporary lyrics without the hard-driving rhythms and lyrics of hip-hop (Source: Janine Coveney, “The Rhythm and
the Blues,” Billboard, p. 34,December 27, 1997).

or is Neo Soul different than Alternative R&B?

According to Wikipedia, neosoul describes a style of music that emerged from SOUL and contemporary R&B. D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Maxwell are usually mentioned as examples of neo-soul artists.