50 years ago in Soul Music:

Soul LPs 1971
the top Soul LPs listed on Billboard’s charts in June 1971

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The wonderful children of National Dance Institute dance to a song from one of the top ten albums on Rolling Stone’s latest list of the Best Albums of All Time.

Neo Soul is a name for Alternative R&B:

WHAT IS alternative R&B? Rap-free
jazz and R&B. This music combines
traditional R&B elements and
contemporary lyrics without the
hard-driving rhythms and lyrics of hip-hop
(Source: Janine Coveney, “The Rhythm and
the Blues,” Billboard, p. 34,
December 27, 1997).

or is Neo Soul different than Alternative R&B?

According to Wikipedia, neosoul describes a style of music that emerged from SOUL and contemporary R&B. D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Maxwell are usually mentioned as examples of neo-soul artists.