June 30, 1992

Kern with his cashew on a stick Calibishie June 1992 This is one of my favorite pictures from Dominica except for the embarrassing pictures of Ingrid.

June 25, 1992

25 June

I woke up to the sound of Ingrid getting ready to leave on Tuesday morning [June 23]. She was going to the States to be in the wedding of her friend. She always says she hates goodbyes whenever anyone is leaving. I stood next to her with my arms to my side but ready to hug. She picked up her basket, gave me a push with the elbow, and went outside to Paul Lawrence’s van (pick-up truck). She went into the front seat and Rawlins sat in the back.

I went to school to finish correcting form 3 – 2’s Mathematics exams. I also signed some reports. Comments are handwritten by teachers on the report cards. I only needed to sign Fabian’s reports. I did that the next morning.

Perry Thomas came by Tuesday night to convince me about his view of Christianity, the fundamentalist Seventh Day Adventist beliefs. We listened to Taylor Dayne and the Innocence Mission as he talked

Wednesday I got a ride to the Bense/Anse-de-Mai bus stop. Then I got a ride to Portsmouth. I gave my first driver one dollar. I didn’t give anything to the second driver because the first guy to get off didn’t pay anything and she didn’t ask for any money.

I wrote my comments on Fabian’s reports and was finished with all my administrative work. I helped Dunstan Ducrey by filling in some of his reports and helped find averages for Frances. The promotion meeting was scheduled for that day; Because most teachers were not finished, the meeting was postponed to the next day after the last assembly.

I got on the same transport that I was on the day before. I owed the female driver a dollar, so I paid her the $4 fair [sic] plus the dollar. We stopped at the Hampstead Estate; She had her young helper get some coconut shells that she or someone she knew it was going to burn. 

After I ate I took a nap because I had a headache. Then I went to teach my Adult Education class.

When I arrived at the Calibishie government school, Hazel was there. I want to get the keys at Clem’s parent’s house. It almost seemed that they were missing but, Mrs. George found them.

Hazel and I were the only ones there. I helped her with profit and foreign exchange. She had a difficult time rounding numbers.

I gave Clem my report, the money, the registration forms, and some Math papers. He gave me some ripe bananas.

Today I had to wait almost one hour for transport. I didn’t wait or want to wait at my house; As soon as I was ready I started walking. I met Rabat just past ET’s house. I started talking to him and waited with him until a red Mazda van picked us up.

I thought I was late for the final assembly but I arrived just in time. Mr. James spoke. Then the students went home. The promotion meeting ended after 1 pm.


June 18, 1992

18 June 1992, Thursday

I got up at my usual time yesterday morning, 5:45 or so. This week has been the week for exams for all students. I arrived at school to learn that I was invigilating at both exam times: 8:10 and 11:10. The second exam was short so I was able to leave early.

Special Edition Powerful Blender – 3 Pieces, Matte White/Gold

I wanted to send some mail, but when I came out of the bakery I though I saw Silo’s bus go by. Then the small maroon bus came to the bus stop. I thought I better head straight to it or else I might not get a ride for awhile. When I got there we had to wait. It wasn’t too long, maybe ten minutes.

I arrived home to meet Rawlins and Ingrid who were cleaning up after their lunch of corned beef. I went over to Almond Beach for pelau. I met Mike Joseph, the son of the restaurant’s owners. We talked about urinary problems. We both have post-urination dribbling. He also has a sever problem with frequent urination. It wasn’t typical dinner conversation, but it didn’t bother us. I had to refuse a drink because I’m still taking ampicillin.

I posted a letter and card after lunch and my dessert of papaya with lime juice. I felt compelled to stay for the roll call of mail. It began just after I posted my mail. Miona’s way of telling me about it is what made me stay. She expected me to stay. I knew that I wouldn’t get any mail; Ingrid received one letter. Rawlins saw me and commented on the one letter. I told him it was for Ingrid and that I would be seeing my friends. I didn’t need their letters anymore.

I came back to change from shorts to jeans for my adult education math class. The students are young adults. Women. Only three of the usual six Domincians came this day. Ingrid also attended. Two didn’t feel like working. Ingrid and Hazel worked together. Lynn came later and tried some foreign exchange problems, too. 


June 8, 1992

Jemmy Francis in front of Morne Español Whit Monday 1992

June 1991

Anastasia Lawrence in the bakery with her bread June 1992
Roselyn Francis taking her bread out of the oven in Calibishie, Dominica (behind my housing).

June 11, 1991

11 June 1992 – Thursday

Today is Rawlins’s birthday. I gave him a card containing the picture of Ingrid holding up her dress with her chin. He took it home quickly so that Ingrid would not destroy it. I also gave him my “Thriller”/“Control” tape. He said he was interested in it when I sold Molly some of the tapes that I decided not to take home. 

We went to eat at the Atlantic Restaurant. There was no choice. We ate chicken and chips with some mixed vegetables. I had a box drink and cookies (Noel Super 2 Lemon). They didn’t have any soft drinks or local juices. I couldn’t drink alcohol because I’m taking ampicillin; That’s to follow up my shot that I got inside my butt on Wednesday. 

Like the colonoscopy the first appointment for the shot fell through. Unlike the colonoscopy the second appointment happened. There was a little bleeding from the shot at the time he gave it. Luckily I haven’t had the fever or other side effects (the feeling to move my bowels or inflammation) that the doctor mentioned.


June 1992

Cleve and Glenn descending the Woodford Hill cliffs June 1992
Glenn and Cleve at Woodford Hill


May 28, 1992

28 May 1992

I still have three medical duties left before I go home. I need to get my third stool sample to the lab, get a shot for my hemorrhoids, and have Dr. Ricketts sign my examination forms.

I did get a third sample on Sunday. I even got John to agree to take it to the lab on Monday. He called Tuesday night to tell me that the lab was still closed (it closed 5 days earlier) because the air conditioners were still broken.

On Wednesday my fourth attempt to have an examination from Dr. Fadipe finally was successful. I had an enema and a colonoscopy. He said there were three hemorrhoids. On Wednesday I’ll get some treatment for them. I don’t have to fast anymore.

I called Dr. Ricketts today to postpone my appointment. Since I still have some tests to finish off there was no sense in seeing him this Saturday.


May 1992

I’m not sure of the actual month or year for this picture, but here I am at Christine’s Tie Dye Party in Dominica.
Dominica Eastern Caribbean Grenada St. Lucia Venezuela

May 21, 1992

May 21

March was the month for Carnival. This year I joined the AIDS band along with Peter, Mary, Maryann, Penny, Elaine, and Chris. Michelle and Lisa were in the main part of the float band dressed as condoms. After the Sunday float parade Lisa decided it the condom would be too hot to wear marching in the street. I accepted Michelle’s offer to wear it with nervousness and humility, but I really wanted to do it. I waved it, bounced it, and touched people with it. Somehow a few students found out. It was hot but I only had to wear it for a few hours.

April was COS and vacation time. EC-56 and 5 other PCVs flew into Grenada for our final conference as volunteers. We received forms and certificates of appreciation. There was a talent show with “beat” poetry, singing, and a skit in which a very long-time pregnant Mary Rodgers had her babies on display.

Catherine and I spent time in Venezuela and Barbados after COS. I squeezed in a quick visit to St. Lucia to see Andy & Jenny one last time. I paid by losing sleep.

This month has been filled with trips to Roseau mainly for medical reasons. I had an ultrasound, a dental check-up, a visit with Dr. Ricketts, and four trips to try to get a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy and my 3 still samples. As of today I still need to get my third sample to the lab. I finally got one after Ingrid left for Roseau. I decided to ask my bus driver to take it to the Peace Corps office. He wasn’t going to town today. I also forgot my lab form. I asked Matilda Davis, who happened to be on the bus, to do it. After talking to Gabriella I discovered Ryan wasn’t there and Isabella’s daughter couldn’t walk to the hospital (I suppose because it’s too far). I should have offered to pay for bus fare. But it didn’t matter. Matilda was on the bus stop at 2:30. She told me she dropped it. She didn’t know what was in it.

At least I got one medical hurdle out of the way. I got my shot for the TB test. Dr. Ricketts will check it on Saturday.