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May 21, 1992

May 21

March was the month for Carnival. This year I joined the AIDS band along with Peter, Mary, Maryann, Penny, Elaine, and Chris. Michelle and Lisa were in the main part of the float band dressed as condoms. After the Sunday float parade Lisa decided it the condom would be too hot to wear marching in the street. I accepted Michelle’s offer to wear it with nervousness and humility, but I really wanted to do it. I waved it, bounced it, and touched people with it. Somehow a few students found out. It was hot but I only had to wear it for a few hours.

April was COS and vacation time. EC-56 and 5 other PCVs flew into Grenada for our final conference as volunteers. We received forms and certificates of appreciation. There was a talent show with “beat” poetry, singing, and a skit in which a very long-time pregnant Mary Rodgers had her babies on display.

Catherine and I spent time in Venezuela and Barbados after COS. I squeezed in a quick visit to St. Lucia to see Andy & Jenny one last time. I paid by losing sleep.

This month has been filled with trips to Roseau mainly for medical reasons. I had an ultrasound, a dental check-up, a visit with Dr. Ricketts, and four trips to try to get a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy and my 3 still samples. As of today I still need to get my third sample to the lab. I finally got one after Ingrid left for Roseau. I decided to ask my bus driver to take it to the Peace Corps office. He wasn’t going to town today. I also forgot my lab form. I asked Matilda Davis, who happened to be on the bus, to do it. After talking to Gabriella I discovered Ryan wasn’t there and Isabella’s daughter couldn’t walk to the hospital (I suppose because it’s too far). I should have offered to pay for bus fare. But it didn’t matter. Matilda was on the bus stop at 2:30. She told me she dropped it. She didn’t know what was in it.

At least I got one medical hurdle out of the way. I got my shot for the TB test. Dr. Ricketts will check it on Saturday.

Eastern Caribbean Venezuela

April 18, 1992

Catherine and I in Barbados or Venezuela. I’m leaning towards Venezuela, but I cannot be 100 percent certain. We traveled to Venezuela via Barbados after our Close of Service trip to Grenada.
Eastern Caribbean Grenada

April 16, 1992

Whoever shot this video was bad at videotaping and dealing with backlight. Oops, that was me. In this first video of Close of Service, Richard K. Pyle presents certificates to volunteers that are ending their service in the next few months. This video is the presentation to volunteers who worked on Antigua, Barbuda, and Montserrat.
Richard Pyle hands out certificates to the volunteers on Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis
This third video of COS presentations includes the volunteers on St. Lucia.
After the presentation of certificates came the talent show. First up, the volunteers of Grenada.
More talent, this time from Antigua and Barbuda, and a remix of the Christophene poem.
More talent from U.S. citizens in the Caribbean
This is the last of the talent before we start to party.
Eastern Caribbean

February 1992

Eastern Caribbean

February 1992

I am posting pages of the What’s Happening newsletter in reverse order, because after they are all posted you can see them in page order.
Eastern Caribbean

February 17, 1992

The Classroom
A Typical Caribbean Scene
Eastern Caribbean

February 16, 1992

Aunt Lally’s Dream House
A Typical Caribbean Scene
Eastern Caribbean Nevis

December 23, 1991

Carib drawings & pictographs
Old Town Road
Paul sitting in what's left of a bathroom of a resort
Paul on the toilet
Cliffdweller’s Resort or what’s left of it after the hurricane
Everett Duckworth at Anglican Church Nevis, Dec 1991
Maybe St. George’s
Converted Sugar Mill, Morning Star Plantation
Nevis, December 1991
Eastern Caribbean St. Kitts

December 19, 1991

Caribelle Batik at Romney Manor
Romney Manor
Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis Viewed from Monkey Hill Dec 91
Despite its French name, Basseterre, the capital of St. Kitts is unmistakably British.
Independence Square
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Dec 1991
Eastern Caribbean Nevis

December 22, 1991

Fort Ashby
NEVIS Dec 91
Nelson’s Spring
Nevis Dec 1991