June 18, 1992

18 June 1992, Thursday

I got up at my usual time yesterday morning, 5:45 or so. This week has been the week for exams for all students. I arrived at school to learn that I was invigilating at both exam times: 8:10 and 11:10. The second exam was short so I was able to leave early.

Special Edition Powerful Blender – 3 Pieces, Matte White/Gold

I wanted to send some mail, but when I came out of the bakery I though I saw Silo’s bus go by. Then the small maroon bus came to the bus stop. I thought I better head straight to it or else I might not get a ride for awhile. When I got there we had to wait. It wasn’t too long, maybe ten minutes.

Ingrid with her free lobster

I arrived home to meet Rawlins and Ingrid who were cleaning up after their lunch of corned beef. I went over to Almond Beach for pelau. I met Mike Joseph, the son of the restaurant’s owners. We talked about urinary problems. We both have post-urination dribbling. He also has a sever problem with frequent urination. It wasn’t typical dinner conversation, but it didn’t bother us. I had to refuse a drink because I’m still taking ampicillin.

I posted a letter and card after lunch and my dessert of papaya with lime juice. I felt compelled to stay for the roll call of mail. It began just after I posted my mail. Miona’s way of telling me about it is what made me stay. She expected me to stay. I knew that I wouldn’t get any mail; Ingrid received one letter. Rawlins saw me and commented on the one letter. I told him it was for Ingrid and that I would be seeing my friends. I didn’t need their letters anymore.

I came back to change from shorts to jeans for my adult education math class. The students are young adults. Women. Only three of the usual six Domincians came this day. Ingrid also attended. Two didn’t feel like working. Ingrid and Hazel worked together. Lynn came later and tried some foreign exchange problems, too.