Eddy Grant joins Michael Jackson and Prince in the minority segment of MTV’s video programming as of March 16, 1983, although the date in the picture lists 3/9/83.

you can listen to the songs that MTV played this week in 1983 on Apple Music:

Prince has two videos this week, including a new one, Little Red Corvette, and Michael Jackson finally gets a video on MTV for Billie Jean. You can watch all the newly added videos for 3/2/82 on YouTube.

you can watch some of the videos on this youtube playlist:

MTV adds Prince back to the programming even though the single was no longer on the HOT 100, after failing to make a serious impact, and almost at the end of its Black singles chart run. This list seems to have the wrong date on it. This is probably the list for February 23, 1983. Billboard had two different lists dated 2/16/83. See the list below.
This is the correct listing for 2/16/83. Tina Turner is the only black artist on this entry. Correct me if I am wrong.
For the second week of February 1983, Tina Turner was the only black artist on MTV, as Prince, Busboys, and Musical Youth were removed from video programming.
The first week of February 1983, MTV did not add any black artists to its video programming. I guess FOUR was the maximum allowed.
In 1983, Billboard magazine published MTV’s Video Programming.
Billboard published this Video Programming list from MTV in its January 29, 1983 issue.