St. Lucia

September 8, 1991

8 September

During the second week of training model school began (6 August). I also left the hotel. I stayed with ANDY and JENNY MONTGOMERY. Staying with them had its benefits. On Thursday (8 Aug) Jim, ANDY, JENNY, Christophe, and I went to Philipe’s house for dinner. We had a quiche-like omelet pie. We also had banana desserts due to the abundance of bananas that could not be put on the recently on-fire Geest boat.

On Friday I helped make salad and dessert for the upcoming parties. Shortly after Christophe left Andy’s and Jenny’s I left to meet Diane at Gros Islet. I enjoyed dancing with her. We took a taxi back to Vigie and Castries.

Saturday (10) was the Big Beach Party. I planned to start staying at Jack’s that night. That was impossible because Jack was staying at Andy’s and Jenny’s after the EC 56 party. This was the one-year anniversary of the swearing in of EC 56 volunteers. Some EC 55 people & one EC 57 PCV attended.