Antigua Dominica

April 11, 1991

11 April 1991

Friday March 22 we had a party for Micki, Jay, and Sue Buehl. I made sugar cookies. I ate so much junk food I had trouble sleeping.

Saturday (23) I woke up early for our 6:30 start for Boiling Lake. It didn’t rain all week but it did that day. Tony and I went on the hike. We were joined by a friend of Ann Mills. His name is David, who is from Liverpool. Two African RPCVs joined us, too. They turned back when it got too windy. The weather really made the trip unenjoyable. It was wet and cold. My teeth were chattering. We could hardly see the lake because of the mist. It cleared up a little and the views were better on the way back. I was sore for quite a few days after that especially my knee.

Sunday Micki, Jay, and I went to the Anchorage for lunch and a tan. It was nice to relax and enjoy the time with them. Art and Peter were also there.

Monday I said a tearful goodbye to them and left my watch, soap and facewash behind.

School was boring all week. There wasn’t much to do. Wednesday I left early (before report cards and medals were given) to meet Jay at the beach. Catherine, Don, John, and Joel were there, too. Don and John stay overnight.

I made them French toast the next morning while I began making pierogis. I finished them in time to leave for Roseau for the weekend and Maryann’s Easter dinner.

On Good Friday Catherine and I met Micki and Jay at the airport to say our last goodbye. It was sad but not enough to cry. I knew it was time to get over it. Yolanda the nun fed me meat that night.

We had a great dinner. The pierogis turned out great. We played Outburst and “Put the Tail on the Rabbit.” Before I went back to Portsmouth I helped Sue Kelly with Lotus 1-2-3. I was really happy to help her.

Tuesday I got a package from Jane. I had just enough time to listen to her tape before I left. I got most of my “office” work done before I took the plane to Montserrat. The plane was late. I missed my connection. Rick did meet me when I arrived on a later flight.

Wednesday April 3 we saw Galway’s Soufrière and Estate. We then went to the beach. I saw Air Studios in the mountains. Thursday I walked up Chance Peak. It was a molehill compared to Dominica’s mountains. 

Friday I went to Antigua. I explored Shirley Heights to the fullest extent. I had a delicious meal of snapper at The Inn at English Harbour.

I made it back Saturday and luckily quickly caught a transport. I brought back quite a few groceries. I also had champagne for breakfast. It was mixed with O.J. I stayed at Dana and Karen’s. They had a breakfast for two volunteers going away. David was there. 

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