April 22, 1991

22 April 1991

School went well during our first week back (8-12). I was busy that week preparing for a Bible Study meeting and our education meeting. When I arrived Yolanda told me that Catherine was being medevac-ed. Catherine left me a letter saying she had started bleeding when she was in Antigua for counseling. She hopes they give her a hysterectomy so she never has the problem again.

Brad and Peter were in Antigua for medical attention, too, that week. Brad had trouble making contact with the doctor in Roseau, so they sent him to Antigua. Peter was having blood  in his urine.

The lack of teachers available made it almost pointless to have the education meeting. The same was true for the Bible Study. I stayed at Catherine’s after working on the computer. 

I also spent most of Saturday on the computer. During that time two volunteers from Grenada arrived on the island to stay with Yolanda. Dana and Steve Beck were going to rent a car and they wanted someone to help them get places. I agreed to help them. I asked Bill Gaynor if I could stay at his place that night. 

Sunday morning were headed to the airport for Steve to get a permit to drive. It was then off to Petite Savanne. Dana and Steve knew Laura Sherman and her boyfriend. He was a volunteer on Grenada. They wanted to see where she lived. They began recording a tape to send to her. I was hoping we could stop in Grand Bay on the way back. We didn’t because we picked up Richardson Carrette on his way to somewhere south of Loubiere.

We tried to head to Emerald Pool along the Layou River. We couldn’t so we headed back to Canefiled and then on to the pool. It was nice but not too spectacular. Terry was not in Castle Bruce so we drove on through the Carib Territory. Dana and Steve bought lots of gifts. 

We made it to Portsmouth very tired. David, who wen tot Boiling Lake with Jay, Art, Tony, and me, was still visiting Tony. Dana and Steve gave him a ride back Monday morning. I was very busy and tired that week. I had lots of clothes to wash. I started Creole lessons on Thursday. I had trouble being attentive because I was so tired.

Friday (19) I went into Roseau. I got my gammagobulin shot, fixed up and inventoried the medical cabinet. I got two movies to watch at Art’s. Yolanda was tired and stayed at Pat’s. Sue Fitch decided to sleep over at Art’s. We went to her house to get her stuff.

We talked to Marcy. She was missing Catherine very much. We bought oil for popcorn and Cokes.  We also stopped to see Don. He came along with us. We had some chicken first. We watched “My Blue Heaven” and “Presumed Innocent.” Bill Gaynor came in time for “Heaven.” Sue and I were alone for “Innocent.” She slept on the floor. I was in Art’s bed. 

On Saturday I saw Joel, John, and Fred before I left. They said Peter was medevaced from St. Kitts and COS.

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