August 17, 1990

Brad and I met a few more people today as we walked around town. We talked to a lady at the Portsmouth Book Store where I bought a copy of the paper that had the story of the swearing in. We also met some Ross University med students at mini-cash.

Today we talked to Diom who stopped by our apartment for no reason with his cousins who had for no reason shown up yesterday. His father died of cancer and he lived with his mom, stepdad, and three younger siblings. He told me he wanted to be a pilot when I asked him what he’d like to do when he grew up.

I really hope to meet some more people from Portsmouth and make some close friends. I really miss all my friends from home. Brad and I had a personal talk about what we miss. It is going to be rough for both of us and although we don’t have a whole lot in common, I think we’ll get to be close friends.

I think friends here will be what keeps me from Early Terminating. I never thought I would ET but now I’m not so sure. Maybe I’ll get a chance to go home for a short time to help me through or get some visits from friends.

Aug 17

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