August 23, 1990

Aug 23

Brad said today that he was interested in having his own place – not immediately, but sometime in the future. I was somewhat shocked and upset by his sudden announcement. We aren’t close or the best of friends but there have been no problems that I know of. I was to some extent worried about my expenses and living arrangements.

Brad wants to live on his own and be independent, he says. I hope I haven’t done anything to make him want to move out. I think I’ll stay here if he does move out, unless Mrs. Garaway doesn’t want to rent this big place to only one person. I can possibly find someone else to share the place, maybe a new PCV if any more get assigned to the Portsmouth area.

Brad has just gotten out of college and on his own. I suppose he needs his privacy although he will have it when I go places without him. I hope he is okay and not planning to E.T.

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