October 28, 1990

28 October

The reason I couldn’t get in touch with Prof. Guerriero was that I was calling the wrong number. I found this out on Friday when I tried to call him. Prof. Bechtel answered and tried to connect me with x1203 instead of 1208, which I had called. No one answered so I have to try again some other day.

I worked on my application on Friday and Saturday, but I did not finish it. I forgot to do the typing on part of the application. Everything is almost finished. I received the college certification and am expecting to get my letters of recommendation soon. As soon as I get them I am sending the application. I may have to go into Roseau again soon to finish it.

Catherine strongly urged to have Bill read my personal statement so I left a copy in his box and am hoping to get some ideas for improvement from him.

I stayed at Catherine’s this weekend. After the Bible Study, which Art and Peter attended for the first time, I went over there and had a spaghetti dinner with Bill, Don, Catherine, and her landlord, Marcie. We had a good time talking and eating.

Afterwards Catherine and I visited Bill’s house and had a beer. We then walked the streets of Roseau but we were disappointed to see the Fort Young closed for a dinner. We went back to her house and talked late into the night.

For Saturday morning breakfast, I had cereal. This inspired me to buy some at Whitchurch when I went shopping. I got a lot at the Roseau market including things that I haven’t seen in Portsmouth lately, such as watermelon, breadfruit and spinach.

Jay and I were going to try to play Ms. Pac-Man but there were too many kids before us. He showed me around his school, Covenant Secondary. 

I ate lunch with Kris Smathers and Ann Mills, a VSO. It was nice to meet someone new and talk with Kris.

I caught a transport back and finished getting my weekend supplies. I cleaned up my vegetables, ate, and talked to Brad who left very early to come back to Portsmouth.

This morning I made biscuits which came out okay considering the cooking margarine I used tastes weird and was not distributed evenly in the batter. I also had cereal for the first time.

I went to the Methodist Church and used my hymn book for the first time since I bought it on Thursday. The service was led by Rudolf Thomas. Between his old age and my tiredness, I was not too attentive.

Many of the women were in National wear as Friday was Jou Creole and this is the beginning of Independence Week. Brad and I passed by the Catholic Church which was supposed to have a barbecue. It hadn’t started so we didn’t go.

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