St. Lucia

August 4, 1991

4 August

Sunday some volunteers and trainees traveled by boat to Soufriere. We saw the volcano, Diamond Falls, and the botanical garden. When we returned we had a training staff dinner. 

Monday morning began training for EC-57 volunteers. It started it with speeches by Dick Pyle, a chargĂ© from Barbados, and minister from the cabinet on Saint Lucia. Volunteers sang their countries’ national anthems. The day ended with refreshments. 

Tuesday the trainees returned to the Castries Comprehensive School. The dress code was a hot topic as it was broken again. Some volunteers were wearing jeans and even t-shirts.

I overheard on Wednesday that some volunteers were going to the A-Pub at Rodney Bay. Initially I ignored it because I was getting the feeling that I was an outsider. The trainees were at a different stage with a different attitude. Cindy asked me later and we ended up going.