St. Lucia

July 27, 1991

27 July

I survived enough to go to church on Sunday. I also eat a hamburger.

On Monday I went into town to look for books. Cindy and Charmaign came along and did most of the work for me. That was okay because it gave me time to shop and eat at Rain.

Tuesday I attended Creole lessons after working in the Peace Corps office on sessions. We had to write stories on bad weather. After the lesson I went north to Key Largo for pizza. Donna was already there when Donald, Cindy, Char and Diane arrived. 

Wednesday I ate Mexican food. Denise prepared it at Kate’s house. I met Donald and Cindy at J.Q.’s. We bought drinks for the dinner. Leigh, Jack, Elizabeth, Leigh’s brother and sister, and other people were there.

Thursday was a research trip to the Sir Arthur Lewis library. Annette met us and showed us around. I found some great articles in The Mathematics Teacher. I also read an Independent Study when I was awake enough. I passed on going to the Comprehensive School. I worked on the Macintosh instead.

Friday was a good if long day. It started with shopping in Castries. I bought a St. Lucia t-shirt at Kokonuts. When it turned out to be less money I bought more postcards. I haven’t really sent any yet, maybe two. I also went to the Artsibit Gallery. They had some nice paintings and some prints were affordable. I also got a listing of hotels on Martinique from a travel agency. I hoped to find transport for the Gros Piton climb on Saturday but there weren’t too many around. I went back to the hotel, watched “Designing Women,” and ate a doughnut I bought in town. I read some of the articles that I found in The Math Teacher.

A woman from OTAPS, Jenet, took Donald, Howard, Diane, Bertha and me for lunch at the Green Parrot and to talk about secondary projects.

I ended the day the next day at 1:43 after a trip to Gros Islet.

I woke up in time this morning in time to shower and eat before the first batch of Dominican volunteers arrived. We could see the plane land as we were at the breakfast table.

Fourteen of them arrived in good shape and on time. They seem like a good crew. Donald and I rode with him as far as the intersection. Then we headed to town. Donald and I try to split up but it never worked. I arranged for a transport to Gros Piton. I ran into Don at the clothes store. We stopped at KFC and headed back. I stopped at the office to edit my sessions and work with my disks. 

When I went back to the hotel I went into the sea with Donald and then laid in the sun. Denise and Lisa came by. We went to the airport to welcome the remaining Dominican volunteers. I was surprised to see four trainees at the beach around that time.

I finally made it to a Rum Punch party. They had fish cakes. Carol joined us tonight. She returned from Grenada today. The gossip about Jack even reached there.