St. Lucia

July 15, 1991

15 July

Sunday (7) morning I went to church. I arrived an hour too early. The travelers’ guide said service starts at 8:30. It actually started after Bible Study.

Monday after sessions Carol (from Grenada), Diane, Cindy, Donald and I headed off for pizza at Key Largo. When we arrived we learned that they are closed on Mondays. We ate Chinese at the Ginger Lily instead.

I went to the St. Lucia Creole lesson on Tuesday. Donald, Jack, Annette, Cuss, and Bertha were at the class taught by Michael and Ara?mel. Annette, Cuss, and I went to eat at D’s which had a large number of male couples and no females.

Wednesday I had a chance to go to Castries at lunchtime. I ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken. There was no electricity and consequently no air-conditioning.

Thursday I saw Carol from S. Dakota. We had drinks with Marshall on his way home from St. Vincent. We went out to eat at Capone’s.

Friday I went to Bertha’s to wash my clothes in her landlady’s washing machine. I also visited the Clauzzels. Then it was Gros Islet with the whole gang from training.

Saturday I want to Schwazel to see the arts and crafts center where Jim works. He drove us back to Castries via Soufriere. I went back to his house after I learned he would climb the Pitons.

Yesterday Denise, Christof, Jim, Mariness, and I left to go to the base of Gros Piton. It was a challenging trip because it was so steep. The mosquitoes were also out in force. I even got some small cuts.

This morning I woke up without the alarm clock. I was surprised at how tired I wasn’t. Leigh and I got dressed and hopped on a bus to Vieux Fort. We then caught a transport for the long ride to Castries. I took a taxi back to the hotel to arrive at 8:15. I ate and went to the sessions. I felt tired then. I made it through our short meeting without falling asleep. I picked up my clothes at Bertha’s and I met the gang to go to the Ginger Lilly. We were lucky to get a free ride home.