Dominica St. Lucia

July 6, 1991

6 July

Saturday I took Leif to the market, but we couldn’t find any fish.

Sunday was pledge day at church. I got a vote of confidence from Rev. Riley that I would do all I could to help the church.

I went to Roseau Monday on the Itassi bus. I stayed at Don’s that night. I woke up again with very little sleep. After I showered I headed to the Peace Corps office. Molly’s picked up Don, Anita, and me and transported us to Melville Hall.

I woke with a little sleep accomplished again. This time I was in the New Vigie Beach hotel for the training of trainers. We met the other trainers and staff.

Wednesday we had another meal on Peace Corps. The checks had not arrived and we did not get money, only a little, until Friday. The nationals sang “Happy Birthday” and the “Star-Spangled Banner” on Thursday July 4.

I was very tired on Friday. I took a nap so I could get to Gros Islet. I met Jack Williamson and Denise Brown there.

We met for half of the day on Saturday. I got to see the schedule of the model school and the list of trainees.

I went with Bertha to Jimmy’s for a goodbye lunch for Em. I left with Jack to go to the beach for a farewell party for Denise and Kate.