December 11, 1990

11 December 1990

On November 30 we had an Open House to thank our Dominican friends. I made sugar cookies and was asked to say grace. The fear of not having enough food turned out to be a mistake. We had too much food.

The next day I was supposed to help Catherine work on World AIDS day. I talked to Jay and Micki too late to make it to market before it was over. I felt bad about not keeping my word.

We gave and finished giving exams between December 3 and 7. I had so many papers to correct and exams to invigilate. I finished all my marking and most of my reporting before going to Roseau on Friday.

I had a nice long weekend. On Friday I attended the Calypso Queen contest and ate pizza. I visited Joel and slept in Soufriere Saturday night. Sunday I went to the Anchorage and slept at Catherine’s. 

Catherine’s friend Dorsett was supposed to give me a ride to Colihaut but never showed up. I still made it work Monday morning before some teachers. I finished all my reporting and signing that day. 

Today I walked to Coconut Beach in the afternoon. I saw one of my students there. I swam, had a drink, and watched TV before I went home.

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