December 14, 1990

14 December

On Wednesday it rained for the first time in a long time. It was the day of Carolyn Jno-Carbon’s science class hike to Boeri Lake.

I met Brad at school. We discussed whether or not the hike would be canceled. Mr. James was at school to our surprise and shortly after he appeared from out of his office, the van came. 

Before we made it to the lake the students made many stops at places in Roseau. The weather was cold but the sun eventually gave us a little warmth.

The rain did cancel the Bible Study, which was changed into a prayer and worship meeting. Murphy drove the other two attendees and me home. The plastic was still covering the seats in his new car.

Yesterday, I read the Bible, Convicted, and studied one of the chapters of Proverbs. I also shut off my refrigerator in preparation for Antigua. It was a nice relaxing day to catch up on mail and read.

Today I missed a big assembly at school. I saw students in uniform walking to school throughout the morning. I assumed they were just getting their report cards. I decided that I would go after finishing my errands, Bible reading and study. I was surprised by the assembly when I arrived. Brad scolded me and I lashed back. I realized I was being smug about it and apologized for my attitude. Mrs. Rourke gave my gift exchange present. In the afternoon I cleaned and got ready for Antigua.

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