February 15, 1992

15 February

I typed up and sent out my third edition of Serious Ting last weekend. That work began as I finally got over my cold. I was surprised the cold didn’t return after I stayed up until almost 2:00 AM talking with Catherine; I had trouble sleeping with Marcy’s dogs making noises and had to get up early for market and Cook Dominica.

Another highlight last week was real pizza. Some lady from Jersey open a pizza restaurant. It was awesome. Bubbly crust, twirled dough, and mozzarella cheese. I went with Ingrid, Peter, Michele, and Mary on Friday night. Actually they met me 20 minutes after I arrived and was supposed to meet them. I went back on Sunday to discover what we suspected was true: Pizza was cheaper by the slice than by the whole pie. Eating at Cook Dominica, Mary and Peter’s and Pat’s also contributed to a good weekend.

This week I was accepted at NYU and Barb, Maryann, Peter & Mary spent Tues night with us.