Antigua Dominica

February 19, 1991

19 February

I went to the staff party on Dec. 14. I stayed very late. I arrived home to get only a couple of hours sleep. This was postponed by Christmas carolers. I woke up the next morning for fish cakes and my ride to the airport with Earl Hector. We drove to Melville Hall.

Don and Catherine arrived minutes later and we got on our flight to Antigua. We were served with a smile and landed to meet an assigned Peace Corps driver. We then met Drew and decided to meet the next day for fascilitating [sic] lessons. Catherine, Drew, and I went shopping. Catherine and I were awed by the well-stocked supermarket.

We had our ETR on Monday. The black girl ET’d. Julie Wiggins and Yolanda were medavaced. Yolanda returned to Dominica in January. Herb ET’d after ETR to join his wife, who has cancer, in San Diego. I stayed until after Boxing Day with David Matheny and the Kochers.

The first of 1991 I had guests left over from a so-so party the night before. It rained so much we didn’t get to swim or go down Indian River.

The second term began and has been going much better. The war started on Wednesday night January 16. I found out at Bible Study. Murphy let me watch the news at his house.

My trip for a follow-up trip to the doctor in Antigua was postponed until the first weekend in February because of the war.

Carnival was good. I visited Terry in Castle Bruce and stayed with Sue Fitch, Sue Kelly, and Peter, too. 

Terry visited this past weekend. Murphy drove us to Capucine and took me to Hampstead for church. He offered me free phone calls and a ride to Vieille Case. 

I found out today that Jay and Micki will be leaving because she is pregnant. I was upset and hoping it was a joke.

I was robbed this year. They have the thief in custody. I have a new roommate Tony whom I first met after Christmas.

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