February 2, 1992

2 February

Yesterday and today I’ve been doing my best to get over my cold. It’s really the first cold that I’ve had since I’ve been in the Peace Corps. It ran the gamut of causing me a sore throat on Wednesday to giving me a cough. I’ve been trying to cure it with rest.

Right now it would be impossible to rest as the entrepreneurs across the street are jamming their music at body-vibrating and house-shaking levels. There were two jams scheduled for this weekend: Saturday and Sunday. Last night the jam was down the street and not too noisy to sleep. Tonight it seems like it will be right across the street.

I just woke up minutes ago from a good nap. I’ll probably need another one if the music keeps me from sleeping.

I chose not to go to the beach this afternoon with Molly, Ingrid, and the rest. I was helping Valerie George with some Maths and then I copied my videotape message to Adam. After that I ate lunch, read, and felt motivated to sleep. If only I could be certain that I will tonight.