February 21, 1992

21 February 1992

Paul on the porch of the house
Calibishie 2/92
My Kitchen in Calibishie 2/92

Sunday was an uneventful day. After church I ironed clothes, and wrote some letters. The wind was very strong, so even though I had caught up on my work, I did not go to the sea to swim. Diarrhea was also getting me down. Ingrid was also on the verge of a long case of diarrhea and sleeping a lot.

Monday school went well even though I had to loudly tell the students how I was upset about their poor attempts at homework. Frances was also sick with vomiting and diarrhea.

After I got my hair cut I ran into Bill. He was on his way to get his haircut from Blutus. We talked a bit about the upcoming primary. Tuesday night ended on a bright note with Bush’s hollow and historically poor victory of 58% vs 40% for Pat. Tsongas did well with 34%. He is at least injecting some realism in the debate and party. He is also a good role model of clean, visionary leadership. He might even win. Wednesday I taught the largest group I’ve ever had at the Adult Center for Maths.