February 27, 1991

27 February (personal journal)

Another week of highs and lows. I had a great weekend with Micki and Jay. We went to Middleham Falls, watched the capitol gang, and enjoyed each others’ company. They even said they were going to nominate me for lead volunteer if I was willing. Bill Gaynor also saw me this weekend and said he would nominate me.

The downs were the start of the ground war in Iraq. Brad decided to leave for Roseau.  That may not happen until the summer .* * * The worst event started as an honor. The letter I wrote to Newsweek on 16 Jan was published. I was surprised and a little embarrassed. I didn’t tell anyone but Frances and Brad. Frances helped spread the word in the staff room. The worst part of it all is that Maryann called me today and told me it was against policy. I wrongly thought I was free to write to Newsweek about the U.S. Maryann will meet with P.M. Charles in two weeks to discuss my future as a volunteer on Dominica. 

I’m really upset about the uncertainty in my life. I may be back home in two weeks. I guess I have to keep that in mind in everything I do for the next fortnight. At one moment I’m happy and proud of what I wrote and the fact I wrote. The next moment I’m upset about having to leave, thinking about what’s next. I’m going to call Maryann now.

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