January 12, 1992

12 Jan 1992

Before I dismember my calendar I’m going to record the notes in this journal in case there are some things on the calendar that do not appear in the journal.

12 October 1990 Bible study in Roseau

17 October Wanda visited 

29/10 Independence Day activities begin 

2 November Staff party at PSS 

8/11 Brad & I celebrate birthdays at Purple Turtle 

14 December Staff party at PSS 

7 January 1991 Second term started 

16/1 Wrote to Newsweek about Bush & war

2 February Went to Darkwood Beach, Antigua 

27 Feb Maryann told me I shouldn’t have done it 

2 March Tried to help Fabian with his computer 

30 Mar Made pierogis for Easter dinner

2 April Traveled to Montserrat 

19 Apr Watched “My Blue Heaven” & “Presumed Innocent” 

6 December Went to Barbuda