January 9, 1991

I’m not sure when I wrote this but it sounds like the routine that I would have had in place by the beginning of 1991

A Day in the Life of a PCV in Portsmouth

I wake up around sunrise with no alarm clock needed, say my prayers, and exercise before I take my shower. After a bowl of cereal, and a cup of Milo, and a banana I clean up to make sure there is nothing to attract roaches, ants, or mice. Then I head off to school with my umbrella and bottle of boiled water.

I arrive at school usually before most of the teachers even though they have to be there earlier than I do. None of my duties start until twenty minutes after the ringing of the first bell.

I motivate myself into the classroom of approximately thirty students who think I arrive too soon. After four periods of classes and maybe one free period I buy peanuts or popcorn from the vendors that appear every day during break. Then there are three more periods before I head home for lunch.

After stopping at the grocery store and posting a letter I head back to school to work with students who need extra help.

At 4:00 pm I head back to home to read, do my housework, and write.  After dinner I listen to the Voice of America’s broadcast to the Caribbean and Now Music USA. Then I get ready for bed and reflect on another day’s blessings.

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