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July 10, 1990

After eating a cinnamon roll and orange drink this morning we had a full day of Peace Corps training. We were told about the average age of our group, 46, and were given health tips for living on our island.

I got to know a few of the fellow volunteers going to Dominica. Brad, who just graduated from college, will be teaching science. Nikki and Jay will be teaching home exercise and math respectively. They are married and are a very nice couple. Bill joined us and Sandy who is finishing her service in Dominica for dinner at the Bayside Mall. It is a long walk to the mall and we were late because Sandy was kept busy by trying to make an exchange.

She told us that you can get HBO & Showtime on Dominica. It sounds pretty easy but we must also deal with mice and roaches.

We ended the night’s sessions with a talk on diversity and Brad, Mikki, and Jay and I played 500 Rummy. Jay won.

July 10 1990

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