St. Lucia

July 11, 1990

Today started out with breakfast at Burger King and a bus ride to the Federal Building for immunization. I had to get all the shots because of poor records. I received shots in the arm for yellow fever and MMR. I had an MMR shot during high school. I also had an oral vaccine for polio. It tasted horrible.

When I get shots in the arm the nurses asked me if I lifted – I said I did push-ups but that IS all. The same thing happened once before at Great Adventure. I guess I better keep up with the push-ups for the next two years.

After the shots a couple of us went to K-Mart. It took much longer than we thought. I was late for my group instructions, which I needed to lead my group safely to Dominica, i.e., get them passports and tickets.

My last American meal was a Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries. I got to play PAC-Mania, saw Die Hard 2, and caught some HBO before packing for tomorrow’s transition.

July 11 1990

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