July 15, 1990

Today again started early with a visit to 7AM church service. The service lasted two hours and was interesting and similar to the wedding service, even though Mr. Lethrum was not happy about the amount of time or the drum which inspired shaking.

After church we ate breakfast and went for a visit to see Fred. A mad lady who quoted Bible verses to us as we sat on the balcony followed us and disturbed our meeting.

Next door the Baptist church started their service and two van loads of white people arrived to see the church they were helping to support and to start dental and eye examinations.

After we finished talking to an older lady from South Carolina we came back to the Shillingfords and I watched He-Man with Devee.

We left to go on an outing to Soufrier and Scot’s Head. We went there only after construction made us go the other way. It rained only when we ate and afterwards we walked to the top of the mountain on Scot’s Head. We swam in the Caribbean Sea and saw the Atlantic Ocean on the other side.

On the way back I had a chance to try their ice cream which had a strong coconut flavor. I also noted that I burned a little today on the face as I looked in the mirror at the end of the day.

July 15, 1990

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