St. Lucia

July 25, 1990

My abilities at ironing must have improved since my homestay did not make me take them off so she could iron them. The rain from tropical storm Arthur kept the chickens quiet so I was able to sleep until 5:30 after a night of having trouble falling asleep due to anal itching. They have predicted three hurricanes this season. I hope Arthur is a failed one of the three.

After two bananas, toast, and guava juice we went off to a day of discussions not lectures on education in the E.C. After a lunch of an apple and guava juice (I threw away my sandwiches again), we learned some dirty  words in patois. We also learned some dances and about common areas of stress. We were also treated to creole poetry and PSAs created by Felix

Don and Yolanda in the classroom for stage two training. July 1990

We arrived home for a casserole dinner and “Days of Our Lives” which Mary Frann of “Newhart” was a character. Like many people, Mrs. Clauzel wondered why she watched soaps even though it seemed stupid sometimes.

July 25

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