St. Lucia

July 24, 1990

For breakfast I would have loved to have eaten all of the damn chickens making noise outside my window at 5am. I read a chapter of Catch-22 and took a shower until it was time to eat. I ironed some of the wrinkles out of my pants but not enough to satisfy Mrs. Clauzel who made me take them off and ironed them for me before I left.

In addition to that she made us breakfast and our bag lunch. Breakfast was only toast and juice because unlike David, I passed on the egg. She made corned beef sandwiches which I didn’t eat. I only drank the juice and even passed on the mango.

After I drank the juice, I had my medical interview during which I confessed that I was not sexually active when asked what forms of contraceptives I used. My blood pressure was 110/60, told I was young and fit, and that I didn’t look my weight, 145 lbs. 

In addition to that interview I also had one with Dick Pyle, Country Director, whose wife is best friends with Mikki Jarvis [I think that was my college Spanish professor]. He was very good at complimenting me and acknowledging my skills and abilities.

July 24

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