St. Lucia

July 30, 1990

It was hot and sweaty making it very difficult for me to sleep with all the sea water. I did get to brush my teeth before bed and wash a little bit. Because it was so hot, Madeline thought it was a sign of an earthquake or hurricane coming.

There have been two earthquakes since I came to the Caribbean. One was on July 12 while we were in a taxi coming from Melville Airport to Roseau. None of us felt it. The other was here on St. Lucia last week. It was in the middle of the night and although something woke me up, I am not sure it was the earthquake. I thought I felt the bed shake that night but again was not conscious enough to be certain.

The earthquakes may be related to St. Lucia’s volcanic activity which has increased recently and enough to change its status. Both St. Lucia and Dominica have volcanic activity and sulphur lakes but Dominica’s volcano is dormant, I think. This does not mean it is dead.

Either way I think the biggest concern is hurricanes. This concern will last until September.

July 30

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