St. Lucia

July 31, 1990

September is the month we start teaching. Today we heard about our pay. We get a living allowance of $1350 EC per month. This includes $24 US for travel and leave. We will get an amount equal to this to settle in on our island of assignment.

We also have been getting walking-around allowances of $10 EC a day. We received $100.00 in Dominica and $130 for St. Lucia. From what I hear the homestays have been getting $50 a day to take care of us. Madeline was talking about how she hasn’t gotten the rest yet.

In our handbook they have suggested percents for us in our budget. One thing I plan to do is save 10% in a savings account. We were told today that our pay would be placed in a checking account. Some volunteers said the checking did not earn interest so I plan on having a savings account for what I am not using.

We also get $200 per month as a readjustment allowance when we return to the states. Half of that I’ve asked to be placed in savings bonds.

July 31

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