St. Lucia

August 1, 1990

All our flights have been taken care of by the Peace Corps training staff, but all of our flights to and from Dominica have been plagued with troubles.

First in Antigua after a confusing customs procedure and a long check-in at the LIAT counter, we arrived at Melville while all the Dominica volunteers were at Canefield waiting for us.

The second problem came in our plans to leave for St. Lucia training. We were first scheduled to leave 8am on Sunday but then the flight was switched from Canefield to a later flight at Melville. Because two volunteers were on stand-by we all got bumped and stayed at the Floral Gardens Guest House near Marigot.

The most recent problem has been trying to leave St. Lucia. We were scheduled to leave for Canefield on Saturday in two groups – a morning group and an afternoon, my group. Then we had to have 4 leave Friday and the rest on Sunday. I was going to leave Sunday until I found out today that now, I will be leaving Saturday with a couple others. I doubt that this will be the last change.

August 1

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