St. Lucia

August 2, 1990

Yesterday was the last small group discussion of phase 3. We have been having these discussions to review our inventories of community analysis, personal objectives and other topics. The whole purpose is to assess our own commitment to the Peace Corps. So far no one has dropped out and I for one have no plans to drop out.

In a few weeks I should be sending out a postcard to Harvard Law School to get information. I plan on going to law school, and I hope it’s Harvard, when I finish my two years in the Peace Corps. In some ways that is helping me to make it through because I do not want to have an early termination on my record and I want the full readjustment allowance.

Yesterday I spent the most money ever in St. Lucia. I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken with Don and Sue for lunch and joined a large group of volunteers at Key Largo Pizzeria in Rodney Bay. The prices were 8.75 for KFC and $17 for a pizza. Most of us were sore from our typhoid shot. Denise and Lee, two current volunteers, were also there as well.

written on Aug 3 

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