June 11, 1991

11 June 1992 – Thursday

Today is Rawlins’s birthday. I gave him a card containing the picture of Ingrid holding up her dress with her chin. He took it home quickly so that Ingrid would not destroy it. I also gave him my “Thriller”/“Control” tape. He said he was interested in it when I sold Molly some of the tapes that I decided not to take home. 

We went to eat at the Atlantic Restaurant. There was no choice. We ate chicken and chips with some mixed vegetables. I had a box drink and cookies (Noel Super 2 Lemon). They didn’t have any soft drinks or local juices. I couldn’t drink alcohol because I’m taking ampicillin; That’s to follow up my shot that I got inside my butt on Wednesday. 

Like the colonoscopy the first appointment for the shot fell through. Unlike the colonoscopy the second appointment happened. There was a little bleeding from the shot at the time he gave it. Luckily I haven’t had the fever or other side effects (the feeling to move my bowels or inflammation) that the doctor mentioned.