June 6, 1991

6 June 1991

On April 28 I stayed after church for a long, frustrating church meeting. On April 29 I received mail sent to me in the middle of March. On April 30 I went to a Creole lesson.

On May 1, Tony and I went on the trip around the Saints. It was a Methodist fundraiser. May 2 Frances left for the U.K. for a gall bladder operation. Our electricity was turned off because of a short. On May 3 I went to Roseau for a party for Sue, Bill, Judy, and Terry. I also was at another party later that night at Sue’s with her Youthquake friends. We had a volunteer meeting May 4 run by assistant lead volunteer Sue Fitch. I went to yet another party for Mr. Jame’s wedding anniversary. May 5 was an anti-drug rally. I did not attend the speeches because I had to get all my work done before dark. On May 6 they started rewiring the apartment. It certainly made a mess. I felt sick the next day and did not alé Phillip’s house for Creole. Mwen ni yonn lafyev. I didn’t go to school May 8 or 9. I did go to the health center and also to the dentist. The dentist started a root canal. I got well enough to go back to school on Friday. I only taught one class since all of the other classes were preempted by talks and a party.