June 8, 1991

8 June

On Friday, May 10 I met John Matthies at the Peace Corps office. I went with him to the Fort Young Hotel and to Aquacade. I paid for my ticket but had to rearrange the plans to bring down the cost the next week. 

On Saturday I got a ride as far as Coulibistrie with Royston, a friend of John’s. 

I called Ann Marie on Mother’s Day (12). At the Mother’s Day event at church that night I was forced to sing against my will.

On May 15 Bill came to Portsmouth to administer the oral CXC exam for Spanish.

I went into town on May 17 to get together all the Serious Ting materials and do the medical supplies. I picked up my ticket and bought some traveler’s cheques. 

On Saturday Art and I went snorkeling.

  Saturday (19) Janet & J.D. Wickersham gave me a ride to Portsmouth as they explored the island in their rented car. 

On Whit Monday I filled out the order form for my merchandise from the J&R catalog. I ordered a video camcorder and some CDs. Wednesday (22) CXC exams got me home early.

Tony’s sister arrived on May 8. At this point she already had a rasta boyfriend. She was shocked when I went to the beach because it was the first time I did since she arrived.

Sunday I attended a four-hour service at the Methodist Church in Marigot. 

Monday (27) I went to a meeting on the future of the West Indies run by the W.I. Commission. Brad came back from Roseau the next day after seeing the doctor in Antigua and found a place in Fond Colé (Kris Smather’s old place). 

On Wednesday we got the electricity certificate. I blew the fuse or forced the breaker off in Cyrille’s store by taking a shower.

On Friday (31) Yolanda, Art, and Sue came up for Bible Study. They went to the Cabrits the next day. I met them at the Purple Turtle beach after the electricians finished up their work.

Art stayed until Sunday. We went to Coconut Beach where I snorkeled with Tony. The Milo 10K was held that day, too.

Tony left to go back to Canada on Monday (3). His sister left five days earlier. It was an easy day at school since the 4th form students were not there.

Tuesday was a normal day at school but with the end of school fast approaching I didn’t work the students too hard. I had an afternoon class with three third form students. I postponed my Creole lessons because I didn’t have a copy of the third unit. 

Wednesday there was no school because of exams. I saw Wanda and Dr. Allport. The good news was I don’t have hemmoroids. 

On Thursday Ruby asked me if I could get her a camera while I was in the states. Murphy also saw me that day and had something he wanted me to get him. I was ready to say no to the next request but so far no more have come.

Friday was my last day of school for the 90/91 school year. I asked my fourth form students to evaluate their Maths class. The results were helpful.

This morning I went to market for cakes and tamarinds. I hope they’ll let me bring in the food items I bought. I also bought rum and other gifts for Ann Marie, her family, and tea bags for Jane.