May 28, 1992

28 May 1992

I still have three medical duties left before I go home. I need to get my third stool sample to the lab, get a shot for my hemorrhoids, and have Dr. Ricketts sign my examination forms.

I did get a third sample on Sunday. I even got John to agree to take it to the lab on Monday. He called Tuesday night to tell me that the lab was still closed (it closed 5 days earlier) because the air conditioners were still broken.

On Wednesday my fourth attempt to have an examination from Dr. Fadipe finally was successful. I had an enema and a colonoscopy. He said there were three hemorrhoids. On Wednesday I’ll get some treatment for them. I don’t have to fast anymore.

I called Dr. Ricketts today to postpone my appointment. Since I still have some tests to finish off there was no sense in seeing him this Saturday.