November 1, 1991

1 November

Caren hasn’t come by for a long time. The last time she came was a Friday; I used going to the bank as an excuse to end her visit early. She roamed about the house freely. I decided this would be the last time. I will go outside to talk with her from now on.

There will probably not be another time because I am moving far away to Calabishie. Ingrid asked me if I wanted to live with her. I jumped on the offer. 

Mrs. Garaway’s changing of the rules precipitated this. Last week she decided she would charge $5 whenever I used one of the other rooms. Since I have a key to another room and the couch I could still stay here and have guests without her knowing it. But that create[s] tension because I would feel dishonest hiding people and worrying about whether she knows.

The timing is good. Dad and Linda will be able to stay with me. I’ll be finished with applications soon so I won’t have to go to Roseau so often.