November 23, 1991

23 November 

It rained today. In the morning, afternoon, and at night it rained. I started my day by delaying going to the market until the rain slowed to a drizzle. There wasn’t too much to buy because there weren’t many sellers. I had trouble changing a $5 bill until Murphy helped me.

I went home to eat my fish cakes, bakes, and Raisin & Cinnamon bagel which had fallen in my pot of water. I was resting it on top of the lid to warm it up. I knocked it in unfortunately. I used Strawberry Cream Cheese on top of the bakes and bagel. 

Mrs. Garraway knocked on my door to tell me I forgot to pay my rent. I reminded her of the agreement that the deposit would become the last month’s rent. She said we never agreed to that. I hope Brad and I had her write it on the signed agreement. I’ll find out Monday when I ask Gabriella to send up a photocopy with Bill.