November 27, 1991

27 November

Exams started today. I was supposed to invigilate an afternoon exam, but I was violently ill. I don’t know what caused it: the cheese I ate for lunch? the Ravioli I ate two days earlier? I had felt the same way after eating the ravioli before, however, I never puked. 

I thought I might make it to school. I didn’t. I slept and then had severe shaking and chills. I gradually ate throughout the day, napped, and read. 

I still feel weak at the moment, but I should be in good enough shape for school tomorrow. My schedule is even lighter. I only have a third form class first period. The fifth formers also take the Math multiple choice exam. 

I have to do some wash and work on my law school applications or financial aid before I retire tonight. 

On Monday I got a copy of my contract for the apartment. It wasn’t a signed copy; it didn’t have anything about the security deposit. Mrs. Garraway saw me yesterday; she didn’t say anything about the rent. She’s checking out the place Tuesday.