November 29, 1990

29 November

On Saturday (Nov 24) I didn’t feel too well. I was tired which was not too hard to believe. I also had a touch of diarrhea. 

I started the day by going to market. I deceived a seller by saying I got a bunch of carrots from the $2 pile when they were actually from the $4 basket. I was not too happy about that.

I didn’t go to Coconut Beach as I was planning but went to the Cabrits to finish the last, very short chapter of The Bold Experiment. The book was inspirational just as the view of Prince Rupert’s Bay was spectacular. I could not see the top of Morne Diablotin because of the clouds.

On Sunday after church Terry, a PCV in Castle Bruce, stopped by for a visit. I made her coffee and she brought some rolls. We had a nice long talk. She came to Portsmouth as part of her vacation and was staying at the Casa Ropa. The weather was not with her as it was a wet weekend beginning a wet week.

Monday was my last full day of classes as exams began. On Tuesday no students came for help, so on Wednesday I invited third form students to show up for help. Six came and we had a good time trying problems and explaining them.

Also on Wednesday I went to morning devotion. I was the first to arrive. The church did fill up some more once Mayor Mills started.

Today I went for a walk at 5:30 in the morning. I went, after I prayed and stretched, to map out a jogging route. I think I know where I will jog but it is extremely dark at that time in the morning. I saw Brad on his bike as I headed back to my apartment.

Today was a very light day of teaching. I had only two periods of classes. One had a quiz. My form four students took the multiple choice section which did not represent what we learned. 

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