November 7, 1990

7 November

On Monday morning I washed some clothes by hand since some were dirty, needed washing, and hadn’t been picked up by Rosemary. 

After I washed and ate, I went to see if Brad made it home. He lucked out on Sunday and caught a transport direct to Portsmouth. We talked for a while. I bought a box of Macaroni & Cheese from him. He bought a bulk supply.

Although it was a national day of service I just relaxed and got a few things done. Brad came to play 500 rummy later in the afternoon. He won. Rosemary’s kids came for clothes and money. 

Frances also stopped by. She was upset and told us her father died. She was trying to make arrangements to go back to Scotland. I hope she doesn’t stay there.

On my birthday I didn’t do much or think about it. I had pancakes for breakfast, went to market, taught, and had my afternoon help session. I did call Micki just to talk and she wished me “Happy Birthday.” That night the lights went out early so I went to bed really early, around 6. I think it took me two hours to fall asleep with all the noise and heat.

I slept very long and got up at 5:30. I finished off the pancake batter and went to school. Frances was not there today. Classes went pretty well but the children were alive with noise. I gave my first multiple choice test but haven’t yet checked the damages.

For lunch I had a PB&J sandwich.

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