October 11, 1990

11 October

On Wednesday it poured. It cleared up around about noon but started pouring again at 2pm. Between a tropical wave and Klaus, the rivers rose and flowed furiously to a rough sea.

Frances stopped by the apartment to swap books. I loaned her my Caribbean Traveler’s Guide.

She told me about Crocodile Dundee II playing at the Arbedee Cinema. We and about eight others watched the movie which started at 9:00, a half hour late. [Links to amazon may result in commission to site owner]

Today it was still raining. It wasn’t coming down as hard but the water from the sink was still brown probably due to runoff into the water supply.

The rain stopped in time for me to go to the bank to see if the transfer from Royal Bank to Barclay’s had come through. It hadn’t so I called the Royal Bank. They said they would transfer it today. Big deal. I will be in Roseau tomorrow anyway. I hope.

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