October 14, 1990

14 October 

The Royal Bank must have made the transfer because they deducted it from my bank book on Friday. I went there after I was refused my package at parcel post at 3:02 pm. They close at 3:00. I was very upset. Micki and Jay said they would get the package for me.

I bought a Rolling Stone on Friday to get the J&R Music World listing and phone number. I called them but they said they cannot export overseas. I think I’m going to have to make them send CDs to Joe who I will ask to tape and send to me.

One benefit of the Rolling Stone was a cover story on Prince. It was a good article and he is still growing spiritually I believe. I think his album is the package that is waiting for me.

On Saturday I went to Grand Bay to start a walk from Judy’s place to Soufrierre. On the way I saw Arthur Shillingford and asked him how he and his family are doing. On the way we saw many beautiful sights and met some wonderful people. One nice lady gave us tangerines. 

Brad walked quickly ahead of us to return to Roseau to do some shopping. I left Roseau without him because he had to get his possessions from Don’s place. 

I caught the last transport but Brad hitched. It led to an incident involving a policeman in a hit and run accident. The side view mirror broke off. The driver was cut and may have had glass in his eye. Brad had the small pieces of glass on him and got hit in the neck but wasn’t hurt. 

I encouraged him to call Maryann. She advised him to stay at my place and we went to the movies to see 007 and 13th-Pt. 7. The villain in the movie was named Brad Whitaker. It was a good time.

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