October 16, 1990

16 October

On Sunday I read Daniel 6:10-28 in church. I was happy that I read the word of the Lord clearly. Brad attended church to my surprise. I think he has decided the Methodist church is good enough for him even though he is a Nazarine. We also attended evening service, bought tickets for the church harvest, and got a ride home from Murphy Wallace. 

Brad called Maryann from Murphy’s on Saturday but on Sunday broke in to the school and called from there. Nothing has come of the incident since it happened.

Yesterday I rewrote my personal statement for Harvard with the advice that Jay gave me. I think it is much more improved but still needs some fine tuning. I hope to finish completing the application the next time I am in Roseau.

Today I had a wonderful grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese from Mini Cash helped it alot. 

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