October 17, 1991

17 October

The only illness I’ve had recently (since the St. Lucia vomitting) is abdominal pains accompanied by fever. It happened twice. I think it’s being caused by the tinned ravioli. I’m going to mention it to Dr. Allport on Friday to see what her response is. The first time it happened I thought I might have a problem with my appendix.

Today on the radio I heard Prince’s “Diamonds and Pearls” debuted at number 5. “Cream” is number 11 and his song for Martika is top ten. I’m waiting for Ann Marie to send the tape. 

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I’m also still waiting for a package from Jane. I’m going to call her on Saturday to hear how she is. I’m assuming a letter is on the way and lying somewhere between here and the U.S. I haven’t heard from her since I saw her in June. 

I biked to Calabishie on Saturday (12). It only took 75 minutes. I went to Hempstead beach with Ingrid and others. She came to the cultural show on Monday.